October 2013 Promotions

In just a few weeks, everyone will be celebrating the holidays in their own grand ways. And just how do you plan to celebrate yours? Does a cruise for two look nice or perhaps sipping hot chocolate while watching on your top-of-the-line home entertainment system seems a little better? Well, regardless of your choice, you can get either of the two when you take full advantage of our DublinBet Casino October 2013 Promotions!

Get a chance to win an all-expense-paid getaway or a home entertainment package when you deposit on your account starting October. Submit a bonus code for your every deposit to make sure that you have earned an entry to our raffle draw. Should your number be picked, then it’s time for you to jump for joy and either pack your bags or make space for your new baby!

But these aren’t the only prizes you can get from our October 2013 promotions. You can also win cool gadgets like iPhones and Nintendo Wiis when your name gets picked in our weekly draw. This promo is for the new games that we feature every week. Play these games and unlock bonus codes that earn you raffle tickets.

And to get you more fired up, we’re also giving away lots of bonuses when you play your favorite games like slots, roulette, and blackjack among others. Wager more on these games and play them non-stop so you can have more ways to win these bonuses.

Our exciting DublinBet Casino October 2013 Promotions will definitely push your bankroll to higher levels and give you the best ways to spend your holidays. So make sure that you’re already registered in our casino to make the most out of our promotions. Otherwise, click here to sign up now and be part of our large community of players that never regret playing at DublinBet Casino!




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